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Monogrammed 14 Ounce two wick jar candle

$22.95 $24.95

This beautiful candle is made with a luxurious coconut wax blend. It burns clean and beautiful and lasts up to 45 hours! Once you place your order, simply send us an email at with the order number and the last name you want on the candle. 

Amber Woods:  a wonderful scent of oak moss and amber that is sure to please!  White in color. 

Banana Nut Bread:  Needs no explanation - true to its name this room filling scent will make you hungry!  Brown in color.

Birthday Cake: Vanilla cake with buttercream frosting. A fun favorite! Wax is ivory in color

Black Spice:  A deep musky scent that mixes patchouli and sandalwood with lavender and violet.  White in color. 

Blueberry Muffin: This one is to die for! A very rich, buttery blueberry, you'd swear came straight from the oven! Wax is blue in color.

Bourbon and Butterscotch:  Rich butterscotch scent with a hint of bourbon - one of our favorites!  Gold in color

Chocolate Fudge: A rich chocolaty scent, just like a rich chocolate cake! Wax is dark brown in color

Fresh Baked Cookies: a rich buttery sugar cookie scent. One of our favorites! Wax is light tan in color.

Fruity Loops:  True to its name, this is the unforgettable smell of the popular cereal.  Wax is orange in color. 

Lavender Vanilla: a relaxing blend of creamy vanilla with a light lavender. Wax is light purple in color.

Mango Papaya:  this fruity sensation is fast becoming a best seller.  A wonderful juicy mix of mango and papaya, light orange in color. 

Maple and Brown sugar:  This deep scent is strong maple with a hint of brown sugar - just like the top of your oatmeal!  Wax is brown in color. 

Monkey Farts: A fun mix of bananas, mango and pineapple! Wax is yellow in color.

Pink Magnolia Blossom:  This floral scent is amazing!  Surprisingly strong but fresh.  Wax is pink in color.